Project 365: Week 24

So are you enjoying the summer? Where is the time going? Seems like just yesterday the kids got out of school for the summer and now I can tell them, “You go back to school next month.” Wow. The time really is flying…

This week’s shots were taken while I was on vacation. I feel ready for another one. 🙂

Fresh lavender at a farmer’s market. My kids loved how they could stroke some lavender between their palms and then walk away with that beautiful smell on their skin. Now I’m on a kick to grow some at home. But I don’t have the greenest of thumbs, so we’ll see how that goes.


Self-explanatory. 🙂


A beautiful sunset (one of several) over Currituck Sound on the Outer Banks. Makes you want to win the lottery and buy a summer house. If only it were so easy!


I watched this dog for probably 20 minutes. He was amazing. His owner would throw that red ball way out into the sound and the dog could not WAIT to fly into the water to retrieve it. Great to see him swimming his little heart out and romping around in the shallow water. Now I want a dog.


Strolling and exploring, and came across a box of starfish. Pretty cool.


This is one of my favorite photos from vacation. We rented a Jeep and went driving on the dunes and the beach in search for wild horses. For a bit it looked like it might be a dud. The weather was a bit threatening, meaning the horses tended to retreat toward the swamp. But toward the end of our outing we came across about 10 of them coming over a dune. These two males were not playing nicely with each other. While they fought the females and baby horses walked down the beach, away from the feisty ones.


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