Project 365: Week 18

What a busy week!!

I went on my first venture to the Faerie Festival in Glen Rock, Pa., a few weeks ago. It was incredible (I have a LOT more photos to go through and will post a photo essay of the event sometime soon)!

When you’ve got kids, you’ve got crafts. My daughter made these and I think they are gorgeous (not impartial at all)!

The simplicity of spring…

More simple joys…

OK, NOT so simple! I don’t recall doing math this way when I was a kid. Got me a learning curve, I guess…

My son’s baseball team has struggles with hitting — as in, they can go an entire game and maybe (MAYBE) get one or two hits. Well, his was the only hit in this game and he managed to get a triple off of this pitch.

I love checking into a hotel and having a sweet surprise waiting for me. 🙂


Find out more of what I’m working on by visiting my Facebook page. To book a portrait or event session, you can reach me at Looking forward to hearing from you!


About Jenn Long

Writer and photog. Uncompromising loyalty to my lip balm, lotions, a good mocha and funky socks.
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One Response to Project 365: Week 18

  1. C Savitz says:

    I LOVE the final of the faerie. It turned out absolutely beautiful! I’m truly admiring your talent. 🙂

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