Project 365: Week 9

What a fun week…

Some people are too talented and too fun for straight-on corporate shots. Their vivacious personalities shine through. A moment of levity in a corporate-style shoot for the partners of PRiMA Theatre Co.

Spring is almost here…

I’m not telling… 🙂

The federal courthouse in Philadelphia. No, I was not there for any particular reason, just had lunch down the street. The sky was such a deep blue and as I looked up a plane entered the scene. Had to photograph it!

OK, I admit this is a lame-o photo of the day. I had to leave very early in the morning and then was heading to a concert right after work. I couldn’t take my camera in the venue and there was no way I would leave it in the car. So a quicky (and I’ll say it again — kinda lame) shot of my car’s headlights. Looks like a big meanie, doesn’t it? It probably didn’t want to get moving that early in the morning, either.


This was just perfect. A note from my daughter asking me how my day was at work (or “werc” as she sounded it out phonetically) and telling me she missed me. Perfection…

Any of you out there doing a 365 or other photo project? Would love to see what you are doing! Let me know where to find your work!!


More of my work can be seen on my Facebook page. Come on over and check it out, why don’t you? To book a portrait or event session, or for fine-art prints, you can drop me a line at


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Writer and photog. Uncompromising loyalty to my lip balm, lotions, a good mocha and funky socks.
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