Project 365: Week 5

“Hardening of the categories causes art disease.” – W. Eugene Smith

I stumbled upon that quote and had to chuckle. Here are my shots from Week 5…still plugging along!

I can sometimes be a bit of an alley cat when it comes to photography…there are some wicked cool things stuck out in the back of people’s yards and behind businesses. Lots of textures and forgotten things. This broken and decaying mirror was hanging on an old shed. A piece of art all in itself!

This, I admit, was more a last-minute photo that day. Took the kids snow tubing all day and as much as I would have liked to take photos of our outing … well, I was just having too much fun and didn’t want to lug a huge camera around. Once the kids got home (“We’re not tired at all!!!”) they collapsed on the sofa and fell asleep, too tired to even remove their coats, snowpants and boots.

Vintage camera…no need to say more. 🙂

Fire. To be followed by . . .

Ice. 🙂

A quickie shot that day of the installation of my latest gallery exhibit. More than 140 pieces on display!

Skulking about in back alleys again…and look at the wicked cool stuff you can find!

Well, that’s the wrap on Week 5. Check out my Facebook page for more of my recent work, or drop me a line at for prints or to book a portrait or event session.


About Jenn Long

Writer and photog. Uncompromising loyalty to my lip balm, lotions, a good mocha and funky socks.
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