Project 365: Week 4

“The mission of photography is to explain man to man and each man to himself.” — Edward Steichen

A mish-mosh of photos from Week 4. But I suppose that’s how it’s supposed to be. I abandoned my initial idea of having themes guide each week or so because I didn’t want to be limited in what I shot. I may use some themes later on but for now, I’m just going with whatever moved, motivated or inspired me on a particular day.

So here goes:

I am a tad — just a TAD — fanatical about college hoops. My family gets to most of the home games for Franklin & Marshall College. My son likes to sit in the front row right under a basket (admittedly, so do I!), so I get some nice views. 🙂

My daughter’s latest obsession — Calico Critters.

I have a series of antique books called “Character Sketches.” For some reason the kids got one of the books out and when I looked at the page, “Chickenstalker” jumped out at me. I thought I had read pretty much everything by Dickens (I have a cat named after him, for crying out loud) but this piece eluded me.

I’m a texture fiend. I love, love, LOVE textures. Fantastic find at the University of Pennsylvania.

OK, some winter pics…we got hit with what I call nuisance storms every week for about 3 weeks. Nuisance in terms of the kids were either on a school delay or off, which just throws things off kilter for the entire week, it seems. But the snow is never a nuisance to me when it comes to photo opps. 🙂

Poor garden monk buried up to his neck. Quite literally.

This just epitomized that day for me. I rushed, rushed all day. From one meeting to another, on one train to go catch another. But I have to say I liked all the lines in this image.


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