Surround Yourself With Talented Folks…

Over the summer I was introduced to PRiMA Theatre when I photographed their Billy Joel cabaret. The talent of those who are part of the PRiMA family amazed me.

I jumped at the opportunity to photograph for them again, this time for their “Carrying Christmas” performance. First came some promo shots, which were featured on PRiMA’s web site, Facebook page and in the local paper. The idea of the shoot was to keep it casual, fun and a little different. (So before you wonder with the photos below whether one of them was shot in a bathroom, the answer is yes, and deliberately so . . . and you ARE supposed to tell ☺).

Here are some of my favorite promo shots:

Next up came some shots of their dress rehearsal. This was my first glimpse of the actual show. The talent of these folks mesmerizes and amazes me. And don’t get me started on how creative they were in pulling this unique show together. There were times when the songs were so clever and humorous that my shots were out of focus because I was laughing too much. And there was one song that I loved but hoped they wouldn’t practice again because it was so sweet I thought I’d cry…hard to shoot with tears in my eyes.

Some of my favs from the dress rehearsal:

It was an amazing project from start to finish!

PRiMA will be putting on numerous shows and cabarets in 2011 in their new location. Come out and enjoy some fantastic performances!! You won’t be disappointed. (Plus, if you do catch a show, you just might catch a glimpse of me, too — I’m the official photographer for PRiMA Theatre for 2011). 😉


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