Light and Lines

Ahhhh . . . . a stay in the glorious, historic Annapolis, Maryland. I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity for that, regardless of how brief the stay.

The truth is, I spend a fair amount of time in Annapolis. Not as much as I would like to (I plan to retire there!) but I’ll take what I can get for now.

I’ve walked and walked and walked the streets of the historic section, meandered in galleries and unique shops, visited the Maryland State House, coveted some of the grand, historic homes, waved to the Governor’s residence (maybe he’ll hire me as the staff photog? Yes???), covered the grounds of the awe-inspiring U.S. Naval Academy, eaten in some phenomenal restaurants, and been out on the Chesapeake Bay on schooners. Among other things, but I think you get the point. I love this place.

Last weekend I was in town to see a show and spent the night. Whenever I’m in town I wake up before sunrise, get dressed, grab my gear, hope The Hard Bean — the coffee and bookseller place by City Dock — is open and head out. Yeah, with my crazy schedule, I sure could use a morning of sleeping in. But when I’m in Annapolis there is little chance of that. I’m too excited. I want to go shoot. I want to be out watching as the light comes up over the water and illuminates this quaint little section of town.

But I’m never sure what I want to shoot when I go out, which is pretty typical of me. And I usually have the better part of a day or weekend to wander wherever I please and figure it out.

This time? I had another obligation and had to leave town. I had maybe an hour to roam and photograph. I spent a good 20 minutes just walking and observing in the wicked, bone-shattering cold, waiting for something to catch my eye. What caught my eye this time around were light and lines. So I went with it.

And here you go…

(Hey, look! It’s me! The wind blowing my coat open so much I seem as wide as a car cover. Well, at least I look tall.)

Want to see some phenomenal photographs of Annapolis and Chesapeake Bay? Check out the works of Marion Warren (1920-2006). These will knock your socks off. They always do for me!


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