Ahhh, Memories…

When my son was born almost 9 years ago, I shot with a 35mm camera. As a result, I have boxes and boxes of photos of him. My daughter frequently dips into those boxes of infant and early childhood pics, pulls out a photo and asks if the subject is her. Sadly, it usually isn’t, since by the time she was born I had moved on to digital.

“Honey, wow, all of your images are on the COMPUTER! Isn’t that great?” I ask her.

Yeah, she isn’t buying that. And I don’t blame her.

I’ve printed some pictures for the kids from time to time when they wanted photos to put in little albums and show to friends. But the rest? Digitally archived. And the idea of sitting on a cozy couch with your children reviewing pictures on a laptop and telling them the stories behind the images doesn’t have the same impact for me as sitting with a photo album or picture book to flip through.

So I started what I hope is a new tradition in our house – annual photo books of – and for! – the kids.  I’ve taken a slew of the best photos of the past year or so and compiled them into a sleek, retrospective look at some of the most memorable, fun, interesting, and unusual events and moments in their precious little lives.

I pulled the book together and ordered soft-cover books for each of the kids to keep. They are printed on great paper, I’m not worried about them falling apart or yellowing in any way. They can make the books their own however they like (even if they draw horns and mustaches on each other), and if something were to happen to them . . . well, I have everything archived and can order another copy (minus horns and mustaches). Simple! And what a great item for them to remember these moments and look back and see how they’ve grown!

Then I had another light bulb moment. Who else would like one of these goodies? Well, me, for one. And my husband. And let’s not forget the grandparents (I’m hoping my mother-in-law doesn’t read this or she’ll know what her Christmas gift is).  Nothing will make grandma giddier than getting a hardcover book of photos of her grandkids. And to get one every year! Woot!

Here are a couple of shots of the book I pulled together for the kids. (Many thanks to my wee lass for holding the book so steady.)

Photo books are one of the items I love offering my clients, and I am glad I (finally!) thought about this annual project for my own family!

Want to make some photo memories? Contact me at Jennifer@janusphotoarts.com to schedule a session. Let’s capture those moments.

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