How You Like Them Apples?

Last weekend, my daughter and I spent the day at the National Apple Harvest Festival in Arendtsville, Pa.

Now, having grown up in Adams County, Pa., one would think I would have been to a national festival there that draws hundreds of thousands of people over the first two weekends in October. You know, especially since the festival was practically in my backyard. But I had never been there before. There, I said it. A full confession. For whatever reason, I had never made it to the Apple Harvest Festival.

So what better way to capture the experience of being at the festival for the first time than with my trusty, with-me-nearly-always camera? At least that was the plan. I really wanted to shoot and shoot and shoot to get as much a feel for the place (and my view of it) as I could.


I was alone with my 5-year-old, very eager and excited daughter, and we were among throngs of people. Not always easy to be looking through the camera’s lens while keeping the other eye on her. Oh, and carrying all the stuff, because she brought a Paddington stuffed bear in a stroller that I ended up carrying. By the time we left my arms were also loaded down with a giant bag of kettle corn, a large bag of apples and, of course, the camera bag.

So I shot where I was able (which was admittedly – and surprisingly – still a lot). And I will probably post some of those individually later on my Facebook page.  In the end, though, the majority of the images are (oddly enough) of apples, and that theme sort of evolved from our outing. We ended up bringing home more than 60 apples, as well as an apple pie from a local stand and apple cookies.

Have any good apple recipes? I’m going to need some…seriously!

Anyway, here are some shots of nature’s goodness…the perfect apple.

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Writer and photog. Uncompromising loyalty to my lip balm, lotions, a good mocha and funky socks.
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2 Responses to How You Like Them Apples?

  1. rebekahharper says:

    Simple and beautiful!!

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