There is something that happens to me psychologically when we flip the calendar to September.  It may be oppressively hot, as it was today, but I quietly rejoice. It’s September. Fall will be upon us soon.

Well, to be honest, I consider it autumn when we hit 9/1, crazy as that may seem.

Maybe it’s because I’ve spotted a few leaves turning brilliant colors already, or because football is back (if I have my way I’ll be spending loads of time travelling to college football games when I’m not shooting). Maybe it’s that the kids are back in school, or that one evening last week when it was chilly outside I walked out of a restaurant and could smell the smoke from someone’s fireplace. A moment of bliss.

Perhaps it’s all of these things, and others I can’t quite pinpoint.

Anyway, we are about to embark on my favorite time of the year. It’s refreshing and inspiring, an ideal time for meandering or vigorously hiking, and the photographic opportunities are practically endless. I usually take a slew of days off in autumn to explore, photograph and get in a few decent hikes.

I’m beyond eager for autumn to fully unfold. So until I have something new from this year I can post to show fall in its colorful glory, here are some shots from last fall. A taste of what soon will be.


About Jenn Long

Writer and photog. Uncompromising loyalty to my lip balm, lotions, a good mocha and funky socks.
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