Out and About — Annapolis, Md.

I usually spend a couple of days each summer in Annapolis. I love it there. We end up going in the summer because it’s sort of a birthday thing with me. And then I swear I’ll go back in the fall when the weather is cooler and the colors are bursting but rarely do . . . I’m too tied up with football games, shoots, family activities, etc. Maybe this year. Maybe I’ll just have to go to one of the Naval Academy football games and take care of two loves at once.

Anyway, this year an afternoon and evening in St. Michaels and the Tulghman Island were added into the trip. Quaint areas, and I’d definitely recommend a visit if you’ve never been to either place.

I’m drawn to just about anything related to water…the bathtub, swimming pool, rain, lakes, oceans, whatever. It’s almost an obsession with me. My stress dissolves in or near the water. Just how I am. I’d love to retire somewhere on the Chesapeake Bay but, man, is it costly and it seems impossible.

But even if it doesn’t seem like it could possibly ever work out, I’ll probably continue to want it unless my course changes drastically. There’s no harm in wanting something and wanting it so much it sometimes aches, even if the odds of having it seem slim. The wanting helps motivate, keeps that light inside of you burning, keeps you moving forward.

Because you never know…

And here are some things that moved me during the trip:


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