Never Too Hot Outside to Wear a Smile!

The weather forecasters predicted that Saturday, July 24, 2010, would be the hottest of the summer thus far. And I think they were spot on. Great day to be out shooting, right?

In my case, yes!

I had a late-morning shoot in Philadelphia by Boathouse Row and the Art Museum with the adorable Evangeline, who recently celebrated her first birthday. Her mother booked me to cover the actual party but, wouldn’t you know it, it rained that day. And rained. And rained. The park her party was scheduled to be held in flooded and, well, we all thought it wise to reschedule the shoot.

So last Saturday we brought a few props and recreated some of the elements of Evie’s rained-out birthday party, including cupcakes and the precious pink car she received as a gift.

Despite the intense heat, Evie smiled and smiled, interacted beautifully with her parents and her surroundings and, I have to admit, seemed to flirt a bit with my husband, who was acting as my trusty assistant that day.

Things went so well, and I was enjoying myself so much, that there were times when I didn’t even notice how hot it was. And we were out shooting for more than 2 hours in the heat. Evie didn’t seem to notice much, either! Take a look!

(And I had to get a few shots of Evie’s Gucci shoes!)

So, the next time you’re out in the stifling heat (which for those of us in the Northeast will likely be tomorrow), try to smile. Maybe you’ll forget about that heat for a few moments. At least long enough to get you into the air conditioning.


About Jenn Long

Writer and photog. Uncompromising loyalty to my lip balm, lotions, a good mocha and funky socks.
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