Just Goes to Show a Little Piece of Heaven Can Be Found Pretty Much Anywhere

I’m a staunch advocate of getting out of your house, getting out of your vehicle — just getting out — and meandering to see what’s around you. Because in our day-to-day scurrying we can miss an awful lot. I know I do. And it’s often in the details tucked in out-of-the-way, likely invisible-to-the-masses places that I find something inspirational, useful or just plain wicked cool.

The road less traveled, if you will.

Well, last weekend I was definitely not on a road less traveled but still had the opportunity to find something new and interesting and try to make it useful.

For several years now a high school friend has been living abroad in Rome (the lucky duck) and returns to Maryland with his gorgeous wife and precious son once or twice a year to visit with his family.  We all have crazy schedules and try to get together whenever we can.

Last weekend, on the cusp of their jetting back to Italy, we were able to meet them for breakfast. Our friends asked if I would mind taking some shots of their son, Dziga, if I happened to have brought my camera along. (Of course I brought the camera along!)

So after our meal we headed outside and within 15 minutes or so I took a slew of shots of Dziga. Here are only a few:

So how does this relate to the road less traveled, and trying to see something new and interesting in the places and things you may pass every day?

It’s all in where these shots were taken.

They were taken at the back of an IHOP parking lot on the heavily traveled, main commercial strip in Reisterstown, Maryland. A place where there is trash at the edge of the lot, in the grass, etc. Geez, there was even an old suitcase thrown back there (it looked interesting but I wasn’t about to touch it).

There were a row of trees and some greenery at the edge of the lot and, after kicking away some trash, we got down to business. I have to say I was pretty pleased with the results after such a quick, impromptu shoot. And I certainly had to be on my toes not only to keep up with Dziga but to be keenly aware of what was in the background.

(I wish I had stepped back and taken a wide shot of the area in which we did the shoot, so you could see what we were dealing with and then check out what we got in the end. Oh well…a lesson learned should I find myself in this position again.)

The shoot confirmed my belief that there really is something beautiful and interesting to be found pretty much anywhere you go, if you take the time to look and perhaps try to look at it differently than you normally would.

And as an assurance to my current and future clients –I absolutely have some favorite locations for shoots. There are great parks, urban locations, little nooks to explore and use. I promise I won’t suggest a shoot at the back edge of the Reisterstown IHOP parking lot (we just happened to have eaten there and everyone was in a hurry when we were through). 🙂 But I also promise that we will make the most of wherever go, because you only need a little sliver of space to make something truly memorable.


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One Response to Just Goes to Show a Little Piece of Heaven Can Be Found Pretty Much Anywhere

  1. Jen says:

    Once again, amazing!

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